Part 2: The Journey Continues…

Ed Furst as Rifkin

was the invention of a fan of the Ingoes. She suggested the name, going solo, composing all my own songs, playing guitar & harmonica simultaneously (‘Oh, what, like Dylovan?’ – ‘No, not your drippy voice, use your ballsy voice, and keep your homemade solid guitar with the holes in, etc, etc.’) Pity she fancied Brian Godding, but then they all did. Anyway, two years later I realised I had spontaneously done everything she suggested except call myself Rifkin, so I gave it a go. Page One released ‘We’re Not Those People Any More’ (drippy voice) b/w ‘Continental Hesitation’ (ballsy voice), and Radio Luxembourg guaranteed 50 plays a week, but Page One forgot to get it printed because their staff were all concentrating their energy on somebody called Reg, with a song (which I must admit I almost forgot to hate) called ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’. Wonder what happened to him…
The session band was:
Ed Furst as Rifkin (vocals/gtr/sitar), Colin Frechter (harpsichord/vocals), Dee Murray (bass/vocals) and, I’m told, Dave Mattacks (drs/vocals); plus Colin Frechter again (producer/MD/logistics/tea lady).

Mustard, from left: Steve Ash, Ed Furst, Dave Barker and Iain Clarke.

Dave Barker (lead vocals), Ed Furst as Rifkin (lead gtr/vocals); Pete Hollis (bass/vocals),then Steve Ash (bass/vocals/MD); and on drums Robbie Tyrell, then Iain Clarke, then Alan Coulter. Managed by Rick Yates, aka Ricky Valance.
Rick Yates’ original plan was to have a backing band for Dave Barker, but about five minutes after Steve Ash joined as a probationary replacement for the flashier Pete Hollis, he took over and turned us into a vocal harmony group. Sometimes we called ourselves Rifkin, so we could say that we had a record out, and we would do a very good reproduction of Continental Hesitation if it seemed appropriate, but we were more of a touring cabaret band.

Rifkin IV,
Ed Furst as Rifkin (vocals/gtr/hmc/pno/org), Rick Barducci as Rick Bard (bass/vocals/descant recorder), and Morgan Kent (drs).
Began as a 3-piece live originals band, until Morgan wanted more bread, man. Rick and I went on to record several of the songs friends remember me for, all in the shadows of Mustard Duo, Washington Irving, Captain Ed, and day jobs which subsidised the recording equipment.

Mike Di Leo group.jpg
The Mike Di Leo Group, clockwise from left: Steve Ash, Mike Di Leo, Alan Coulter, Paulo and Gottardo, and Ed Furst.

The Mike Di Leo Group,
Mike Di Leo (org/vocals/MD, Ed Furst as Rifkin (vocals/gtr), Steve Ash (bass/vocals), Alan Coulter (drums), Paolo and Gottardo (saxes).
Three ex-Mustard musos in Italy’s answer to the Foundations.

– End of Part Two –